2nd Tennis tournament

This has happened! RBS Alumni Tennis club is founded and first tournament completed. 2nd July 2011 in Rīga, Grīziņkalna tennis 4 gentlemen and 4 ladies courts came together. They have two things in common – they all have RBS diploma and wish to play tennis. In the first tournament we played mixed doubles, there was friendly and sporty atmosphere. As in real tournament there were winners – 1st place among ladies was for Ilze Lejniece and 1st place among gentlemen got Normunds Siliņš! Congratulations!

Next tournament will take place July 30th, 10:00 – 14:00. Please register for the event by emailing to guntra [dot] purmale [at] gmail [dot] com. We will meet same place  - Grīziņkalns tennis courts. Since this time our game was watching just a passing lady with a doggie, we would be happy if some supporters and fans would join us as well!