English Language Center


Our mission is to help institutions and individuals communicate effectively in a global environment. We do this by helping our students become fully competent users of the English language through facilitating the sustainable development of language skills and cultural awareness in a positive friendly atmosphere.

All courses in the English Language Center have a strong academic foundation, which leads to a real deliverable of significantly improved English.

Following the state of emergency declared by the Government of Latvia in March’20, RBS English Language Center and University Preparation Center immediately moved all their ongoing courses online and canceled all forthcoming classes in Spring’20 semester.
Planning for the next academic year, we are conscious of the possibility of another spike of infection, renewed restrictions, and the need to minimize face-to-face contact time to ensure the safety of our students, faculty, and staff. At the same time, uncompromising quality has always been our main priority, and we firmly believe that our students should continue to receive instruction at the highest standard they are accustomed to. Moreover, modern technology allows us to analyze individual student’s progress and add personalized guidance to the student experience, thus combining the advantages of studying in a group with that of one-to-one classes.
We are aware that our students have developed new habits of working and learning remotely, participating in online meetings and classes during the quarantine. Without a doubt, this way of working and learning will continue to be our reality to some extent, so we need to be comfortable doing it in English. We also know that our students appreciate the materials we used to select on the Internet as extra resources, and are very comfortable with using web applications. At the same time, face-to-face communication is the most effective, and learning in a real classroom not only helps to master the skills of communicating personally but also provides this special connection between students and teachers that makes learning so enjoyable.
Having carefully considered the balance between ensuring the quality of instruction, students’ safety and convenience, the best practices of remote, online, and face-to-face education, as well as the combining individual and group training, we have developed an innovative model of instruction.
In this hybrid approach we add a short pre-class activity (reading, video with some initial grammar explanation, pronunciation training, etc.) which students do in their own time and at their own pace to a group class focused on more interactive activities facilitated by an instructor. Students will use web applications and platform to get access to these tasks. Groups will meet twice a week: once face-to-face and once in real-time online via Zoom. If face to face meetings become unsafe, all classes will take place via Zoom.
We will use reports on pronunciation training, quiz, and test results, as well as continuous monitoring of students’ engagement in a classroom to analyze and guide each student’s individual learning. 
This model combines the best elements of the remote, classroom, and online learning, as well as adds a truly individual approach to group learning. The variety of instructional modes ensures flexibility and autonomy for students as well as the possibility to attend some classes virtually while on a trip. Taught by our outstanding faculty, our students will achieve even better results than before!



NEXT SEMESTER - 25.01.2021.













  • Intensive course - 8 academic hours a week in General English and Business English groups
  • Careful placement at the level where a student benefits most
  • 2 instructors for every General English and Business English group
  • Excellent local and foreign teachers
  • Tests, text books and additional materials for each student included in the course fee
  • Supportive learning atmosphere
  • A specially selected book for reading at the end of the full course
  • Convenient class time: 18:00-21:00 for adults; or as agreed for companies and state instituions
  • Convenient location in the center of Riga or in the company’s premises
  • Excellent value for money