Luminor Loans


Luminor special loan for RBS Bachelor students

Recognizing reputation RBS graduates enjoy in the business society and the quality of RBS Bachelor program, Luminor is offering special loan scheme to RBS Bachelor students who are residents of Latvia. The loan covers entire tuition and/or monthly allowance. The loan is offered at competitive rates and re-payment terms, thus making Bachelor Program an affortable education and good investment for future career.


Special features:

  • You borrow only the amount needed
  • After approval of the loan tuitioon payments are processed automatically between RBS and Bank.


Key terms: Tuition Loan
Loan limit Nominal tuition at RBS or
EUR 11390
Grace period 6 month after graduation
Interest Capitalized during studies and grace period
Interest rate EURIBOR (1M) + added anual interest rate for gold clients
Administrative fees EUR 30 per semester
Repayment 10 years after graduation
(approx. monthly payment EUR 212* per month)
Guarantee Net monthly revenues exceeding EUR 440 (guarantor) or corporate guarantee
Application Deadline August 25, January 10

* Calculation is based on the nominal study schedule and expected interest rate. Actual amounts may vary depending on EURIBOR (1M) rate.


How to apply

Submit at the RBS Student Information Center:

  • Application form
  • Copy of the Passport
  • Confirmation of the monthly salary or corporate gurantee.

In the process of credit approval Luminor may request additional documents.


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