RBS Math Entrance Exam

RBS Math Entrance Exam (RBS MEE)

Mathematical competency is a keystone for studying at RTU Riga Business School – all candidates must to have a good level of Math knowledge.

MEE tests the student’s depth of mathematical understanding and knowledge in the last year of their high school studies. The exam focuses on the topics important for successful studies of mathematics in the RBS BBA and BITL programs. 

All applicants who apply for studies in RBS BBA and BITL programs will be automatically registered for the MEE. 

RBS Math Entrance Exam (RBS MEE): April 24, 2021

The topics examples in the RBS MEE include:

  • Basic algebra;

  • Linear algebra – equations, inequalities, systems;

  • Quadratic equations and second order systems;

  • Algebraic (rational) inequalities;

  • Powers and exponentials function, equations and inequalities;

  • Logarithms;

  • Basic algebraic trigonometry.

RBS MEE Advising Session

Before the RBS MEE, all applicants are invited to participate in an MEE Advising Session. The MEE Advising session will help you to prepare for the exam so you can get the best score on the test day. It will also provide you with materials you will be able to use at home to prepare for the exam.

There are two days available for the MEE Advising Session:

March 25, 2021 16:30-18:00

April 10, 2021 13:00-14:30

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