RBS shakes the table: double degree bachelor program with University at Buffalo

Following several months of negotiations, RBS and The University at Buffalo (UB) State University of New York agreed to  launch a double degree bachelor's program with the autumn semester of 2013.

Four years of rigorous studies will allow students from Eastern Europe and Asia  to earn a prestigious American and Latvian Bachelor's in Management degree.  Students will study for three years at the RBS campus and then move to to the University at Buffalo campus for their final year. In addition,  their first three years at RBS,  will include "global” lectures from the Buffalo,  NY campus  that will leverage RBS state of the art media facilities.

Claudio Rivera, Director of the Bachelor Program at RBS, said: "This is an amazing challenge for RBS but it is certainly worth the effort. The entire RBS community will highly benefit from this move.” 

RBS will officially launch the program during the Skolas Izstāde 2013fair on February 28th. Experts believe that this program will be recognized as a premium offer in business education at undergraduate level in Eastern Europe. Students enrolled int the BBA program at RBS will have the chance of completing the double degree as well.

Jānis Grēviņš, RBS Director, says: "This new agreement  with our long time partners implies a recognition of the quality of our programs, the level of our Faculty and the success of our cooperation with UB during the last 20 years”. 

Information about the program will be available on the RBS website from the beginning of March.