Students Speak


«When you are in an environment where everyone trusts each other and cares about each other, great ideas are generated and fun is had. Studying in RBS is not only about challenging yourself, it is more about conciously going beyond your own limits. And that is not about the destination but about the exciting and sometimes tough journey that the dynamic life at RBS ensures.»

Martins Dvinskis
BBA Student

«Whether you want to challenge yourself, have a once-in-a-lifetime experience or just meet other ambitious people, this is the right place for you. At RBS you  develop yourself as a great leader step by step. Mentoring sessions, guest lectures and the professional RBS staff helps you take the first steps towards your goals. It is amazing to be a part of RBS, because together We Share Success!»
Anna Zīdere
 BBA Student

«Quality and prestige are very important for me, therefore I chose RBS. We use materials and case studies from the world's leading schools like Harvard, IESE, Stanford and others. The tuition fees are also reasonable and the price is cheaper than in other schools at the top level. If you want high quality education then you should come to RBS!»

Yuri Belezjak
BBA student


«In my opinion RBS is a good option for the one who truly wants to be very successful because just wishing is not enough for RBS standards; it requires you to jump off and leave your comfort zone so you can reach for the many opportunities outside of it.
The faculty are both international professors and professors with international experience giving the Bachelor Program a global approach and in-depth studies!»
Vinicius Ferez
BBA student from Brazil


«RBS is a heaven of opportunities. Once you get in this community, you will never in your life be alone in the business world. It is a place where new leaders are nurtured. It is a place where 99.9% of the air consists of success, knowledge and experience. Those who feel that they are new leaders and have the future of our country inside them are welcome to breathe this air!»

Kristaps Gintauts
BBA student
«I was interested in RBS since the moment they visited my school. I like new things and challenging myself. Studying in their first ever Bachelor of Business Administration program in English seemed quite a challenge at that time. I firmly believe that what I learn in this Bachelor program is the first step toward great thing. That is why I chose to study at RBS.»
Ivars Muzis
BBA student
«Never had I imagined that Bachelor of Business Administration (Management of International Business) at Riga Business School might have been so interesting and full of real-life experience before I entered here. I believe that the 3 years at RBS will provide me with knowledge in many categories e.g. business, markets, administration etc. Along with interesting lectures by experienced professors, you will get not only great friends and lifetime contacts but also the highest level of education.
Quality matters, join us!»
Pēteris Kovisārs
BBA student

«To be honest, for a few weeks RBS really became my second home. There are several reasons for this. First, the school helped our incoming class to get know each other informally first, so we really are a team now, and it is amazing for me to be around these people! Second, the BBA program is well developed, so we do not waste time on learning things we don’t need for real life. Third, teachers explain everything well, are always  ready to help, and motivate us to study by many unusual practical assignments in or after class. Fourth, RBS has a special atmosphere: nice classrooms, good facilities and caring staff, so literally everything is done for the students’ comfort. Frankly speaking, I have no doubts that my decision to study at Riga Business School is right!»

Natalia Kuznecova
BBA student