RBS community launches video livestream and podcast "Bottom line studio"


We have started the last month of 2021 by sending a 30th-anniversary gift to our RBS community and beyond. RBS is launching a video live stream and podcast called the Bottom Line. We concluded that the experience, life hacks, and reflections shared by RBS Alumni are among the best gifts we can give. We hope that it will remind everybody of the effort behind the success, to embrace the commitment you need to achieve something, and to share the insights in personal development and success. 

Bottom Line Studio will be live on the 9th and 16th of December and then, starting from the 6th of January, every second week on Thursday afternoons. From 16.00 to 16.45. The Bottom Line Studio video live stream will be led by three amazing RBS community members until June 2022.

Welcome to our moderators:

Dāvis Indriksons, the bachelor student at RBS

Elīna Valdmane, professional MBA Alumni at RBS

Greg Mathers, lecturer at RBS

During every live stream, you will meet one of the moderators and a guest - a great and interesting personality. There are and will be many things that connect our guests, but one is worth highlighting - they all are Alumni of RBS.

Stay tuned and be ready for the first live stream on the 9th December - via the Facebook or Youtube profiles of RBS.