BBA Mentorship Program

The Mentoring Program (MP) of Riga Business School represents a bridge between Faculty and students. Mentors gain personal satisfaction, feedback and networking opportunities. Mentees obtain advice, feedback and an expanded base of skills, knowledge and networking opportunities. The mentor-mentee relationship is designed to foster maximum productivity and commitment to the RBS platform through encouraging stong relationships, training, support and recognition of accomplishments.

«Nobody can walk the road of susccess alone. This is a reason why we promote the Mentorship Program to our students. The goal of the Mentorship Program at Riga Business School is to help BBA students to become accomplished, productive and successful in their studies and first career's steps and sustain their energy, ambition now and in future. The Mentorship Program at RBS is one of its signature competences and ultimately differentiates it from other programs in the region.»
Claudio A. Rivera,
Ph.D. RBS Bachelor Program Director




«A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could
because someone else thought they could.»