“Coffee Chat” for MBA students

Event time: 
30.04.20 16:00 - 17:00

Dear MBA students,

We are living through an unusual time that started very rapidly. Too many things have changed at once – our daily routines, the way many industries work, the way many companies run their business models, and, finally, how the whole society functions. Therefore, it is clear that professionals and companies have unexpected problems to solve, difficult questions to answer, and frustrations about the future.

MBA program director Aldis Greitāns invites “We, the RBS graduate students, the RBS faculty, the RBS Alumni, all together have accumulated tremendous experience in all industries and all spheres of life. My experience shows that just having a discussion in the class we can find ideas that can resolve many issues. We just need to have a good conversation. Therefore, I would like to invite you to a virtual conversation “Coffee Chat” where we can discuss any topics that are important to you. There is no strict agenda, the idea is to get together, share our concerns, experiences and ideas! The virtual conversation room will be opened on April 30, I will be there to facilitate the discussion.”

Prepare your questions, concerns or doubts, be ready to share your ideas, experience, and support each other. So, let’s meet online and have a conversation! 

For whom: RBS MBA students
When: April 30
Time: 16:00
Cost: Free of charge
Where: Online, please register to receive live stream link, it will be sent out 30 minutes before the event
Registration: mlgn.to/7x77