Global Discussion on the Social Dilemma

Event time: 
26.02.21 18:00 - 19:30
A hard talk conversation on the present and future of the impact of social media and Artificial Intelligence on young people.
ORGANIZED BY: RTU Riga Business School together with Agenskalns Student Hall, Intermedia Consulting, Universidad Austral.
Round table discussion moderated by Claudio Rivera.
➀ The impact of social media and AI-enhanced solutions on youth development: education, addictions, socialization skills, well-being. Is the impact of social media overall positive or negative on young people?
➁ The future of social media and AI-enhanced solutions: regulation, business models, new functionalities. How will social media look like in the future?
➂ How can we prepare the youth to grow healthy in an era of social media? Tips and tricks for succeeding in an AI-immersive world.
▸ Eugene Ohu, Ph.D.: Virtual Human Interaction Lab, Lagos Business School, Nigeria.
▸ Rashad E. Badr: OptimalWork, the United States of America.
▸ Javier Garcia-Manglano: Youth in Transition, Universidad de Navarra, Spain.
▸ Reynaldo Rivera: Center of Social Innovation and Communication, Austral University, Argentina.
▸ Dr. Alexander Hall: Research Fellow, University of Birmingham, the United Kingdom.
▸ Agnis Stibe: Artificial Intelligence and Digital Transformation, Riga Business School and EM Normandie Business School, Latvia – France.
▸ Paula Elksne: Full program and Undergraduate Division, Riga Business School and Global Shapers, Latvia.
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