Online guest lecture: Becoming the Masters of Change

Event time: 
20.11.20 16:00 - 17:30


On November 20, 16:00-17:30, the RBS University Preparation Centre invites you to attend an online guest lecture by Agnis Stibe


Becoming the Masters of Change

Is everything around inevitably transforming — people, organizations, societies, environment? Rapid or slow, a change has been the catalyst for all that. If that’s true, then how good are we at actually mastering this constantly evolving reality? So, so — would often be given as an honest answer. Then wait — is this how we expect to achieve happy and fulfilling lives in the future? Apparently, there is an obvious need for having another, more serious take on this matter. If everything is constantly changing, then it would be naturally wise of becoming the masters of such core transformation.

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Prof. Agnis Stibe

3x TEDx speaker and founder of TRANSFORMS.ME, providing disruptive methodology and tools for designing lasting change. Professor of Transformation and Academic Director on Artificial Intelligence at EM Normandie Business School. Paris Lead of Silicon Valley founded Transformative Technology community. At the renowned Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT Media Lab), he established research on Transforming Cities for human flourishing. Globally recognized corporate consultant and scientific advisor. More on his YouTube channel.