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Improve your English and start studies at RBS English Language Center from April, 2019! 

English Language Center

Improve your English and start studies at RBS English Language Center from April, 2019! 

Open Lecture: The Netherlands and migration

Event time: 
21.05.18 16:00

The RBS invites you to the Open Lecture “The Netherlands and migration” by Mieke Langenberg-Tissot van Patot.

WHEN: May 21, 16:00-17:30

WHERE: Riga Business School, 11 Skolas St.




ABOUT THE LECTURE: The Netherlands and migration

Migration is from all times and everywhere. Since The Netherlands (then called The Republic of the Seven Dutch Provinces) in 1581 refused to recognize the Spanish Philips II von Habsburg as its king and became in the following years step by step an independent nation, many immigrants moved in. Some were fleeing for terror and repression in their own country, others were looking for better economic opportunities or sometimes following their loved ones. During the centuries many Dutch left The Netherlands as well and moved to other countries (some went for example to Latvia). Why was there so much migration to and from The Netherlands and how did this effect the country?


 Lecture is free of charge.

Please note that during the lecture, photographs will be taken for RBS informative materials.



As the wife of a Dutch diplomat I moved every three to four years.so my career has taken the form of a patchwork (many little pieces). In 1980 – a few weeks before our first move - I had completed the equivalent of a masters degree in history, specializing in the 16th – 19th century, at the University of Utrecht under supervision of Prof. J.C. Boogman. Finding an interesting job in a new country is not always easy but usually I found something interesting to do. For example I lectured at Utrecht University (1977-1980), at Trinity College in Dublin (1996-1999), at Ilja State University in Tbilisi (2009-2013) and at University of Ljubljana.in Slovenia (2013-2015). In the period 2000- 2009 (Brussels) I worked as an adjunct-general secretary for CVN, a committee advising the Dutch and the Flemish governments concerning the cooperation between The Netherlands and Flanders in the field of culture, education, social affairs and scientific research. At the moment I am involved as a part time lecturer History of The Netherlands and Belgium in the Dutch language course at the Latvian Academy of Culture in Riga.