Leadership Development Practicum

As a part of your Executive MBA experience, you will experience the Leadership Development Practicum (LDP). This is a one-of-a-kind program in Latvia which was developed with leading international professionals, which is offered exclusively to our Executive MBA students. Leadership is quite broad and it is important to assess participant needs in order to focus on the most important issues for the participant’s company. RBS uses what is called "experiential learning", meaning that our participants learn mainly "by doing". Specifically, we use an intensive combination of lectures, case studies, assessment and "on the job" exercises. This is the most effective approach to leadership development.
Throughout the Practicum, you and your colleagues develop a deep understanding of the main concepts (theory, methods and models) of leadership development and coaching as they are applied in a variety of business and social contexts.  The Practicum will include developing a coaching style that inspires, motivates and mobilizes others, mastering new personal leadership tools, and working individually with the executive coach, focusing on knowledge implementation. While addressing your own issues rather than case studies, you will be supported and coached to make the changes you need to get the results you want. You will work in a challenging environment that fosters development and uses peer review, quick feedback, personal journals and executive coaching, to acquire the necessary tools and frameworks to lead to positive change, and make you more successful as a leader and a person.


The RBS Leadership Development Practicum is an opportunity to recognize your strengths and weaknesses, become more aware of how your leadership strengths can impact others effectively, and track your progress over the course.

Faculty members:
Claudio Rivera "Great leaders can make difficult things simple, can make a culture of mediocrity into culture of excellence, can make an environment of resistance become an environment of thriving change". 
Daiga Ērgle  
Inese Muzikante "The Leadership Development Practicum is not so much about knowledge. It is about personal growth and self-development. Knowledge and the latest research findings on leadership are widely available online and in print. In the course, we will provide you with the latest scientific insights on the subject. Reading the latest book on leadership is an easy job and I encourage everyone to do that. But that does not change anyone as a leader. It is much harder to reflect on your behavior, see the mistakes you make (and we all do time to time), and change own perspective to understand other people better.  Because leadership is making other people willingly do their jobs, it's about motivating and inspiring people. Through self-knowledge, we understand other people better, through analysis of case-studies and reflection we can see the opportunities for own improvement. This is not the easiest leadership course, but we think it is one of the most effective ones if you are ready to make the effort."
Voldemārs Innus  
Greg Matters
"In today's business environment, on-going and accelerating change is the most pervasive issue managers must deal with. Gaining an edge over the competition depends on how well your team can deal with the problems and opportunities brought about by change. In any industry and any market, you and your competitors face the same changes and those who deal with it the best, move ahead the fastest.
The Riga Business School LDP program prepares managers to build and lead teams that are able to thrive in dynamic and evolving markets."

Christo Nel (South Africa) Transcript

"One of the most exciting developments at the RBS is the implementation, the design and the launch of a personalized Leadership development program, which will form as an integral part of its Executive MBA from 2013 onwards. Leadership is perhaps one of the most underutilized and also vast resources available to organizations both in the private and public sectors and to society as a whole. A critical thing is to understand that leaders are not born, they are developed. And theeach of us is challenged to each one of us as a leader and to you is not to ask what is the very best type of leader out there, but to rather understand that you can be the very best leader that it is possible for you to be by exploring your strengths, living them out, continuously growing into your potential and also watching for those stumbling blocks which may cause you to under-utilize yourself as a leader. To be a great leader is to live from the inside out, not to copy or clone somebody else. So, becoming and being a conscious, aware and sustainably high impact leader is a personal journey. It is not about changing who you are. But it is about revealing who you are. And enabling that in other people as well."
Comments of Graduates:
“The Leadership Development program forced me to look into myself, understand my behaviors and the reasons for such behaviors in different situations. The LDP gave me the tools to continuously analyze and develop myself in future” .
“When I started my EMBA studies, I didn't realize what journey it would be. I went through a significant transformation during these studies. The LDP classes were not only about leadership, but all other classes in the EMBA program sooner or later ended with the conclusion that good leadership is the essence of any success”
“I really find LDP course as one of the best in the EMBA program. Probably because the rest of the courses provided hard skills, LDP fully was devoted to the soft skills, which are a very much discussed issue. LDP helped me to understand myself much better and maybe will help me to avoid burnouts in my following carreer.”