Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Are student dormitories available at RBS or RTU campus?

There are RTU dormitories available for RBS students here.


What other options for accommodation are available and how much does it cost?

Students can rent apartments on their own. The cost of the apartment in the city starts from approx. 200 EUR – sharing by 2-3 would decrease the price per person significantly.


What are approx. food expenses?

You would spend approx. 200  EUR  a month for food.


Are there any cafeteria available on or near the campus?

There are many cafeterias near RBS, where lunch price average is 3-6 EUR.


Does RBS help students find part-time jobs? It not, how do students look for employment?

We do not provide a particular assistance to find jobs, however there is network of more than 900 alumni who often send information of vacancies that are forwarded to students from Alumni Association.


What's the maximum number of hours an international student can work?

International students holding a residence permit are allowed to work up to the 20 hours/week.


What is the salaries part time employees expect to draw?

Salaries could vary from 300 - 600 USD/month for a part-time job.


What positions do graduates of RBS move into once they move out of the school?

They move into managerial positions, including CEO, CFA, CIO.


What's the minimum starting salary one can expect to make upon graduating?

We haven't done research, but average wage range for managerial positions in Latvia is starting from 3000 USD/month (public sector, middle management) - 36 000 USD/month and above for top management in the private sector.


What are some of the companies in which international graduates were hired in the past years in Latvia or aboard?

Our alumni abroad work for:

  • Isover France
  • JT International Korea Inc.
  • Maersk Drilling (Denmark)
  • Euroscript Deutchland Gmbh (Germany)
  • AS Privatbank (Italy)
  • Siemens, GM Energy Oil&Gas (Nigeria)
  • Marsh (Norway)
  • Mobilink (Pakistan)
  • Ernst & Young (Russia)
  • Exigen Services (UK)
  • etc.


How many students enroll for MBA every year?

We enroll 80-100 students a year, we are quite selective.


Where can I find student references?

References can be found here.


What are the nationalities of students studying at RBS?

Besides Latvian students, we mainly have Russian, Belarussian nationalities. We are expecting a number of Kazah students in September, as well as few from Iran.


Is it possible to choose or change the specialization at the start of the second year?

Yes, it is possible to change specialization. Actually, whether a student has completed a particular specialization is clear only at the end of the studies.


Will my diploma show the specialization obtained?

There is a supplement to the diploma that indicates the specialization - it does not appear on the diploma itself.