Open Lecture: Edutainment. Keeping various groups engaged in your business!

Riga Business School invites you to an Open Lecture by Peter Young: Edutainment. Keeping various groups engaged in your business!


WHEN: 11.01.2019. 16:30
WHERE: Riga Business School, 11 Skolas Street
WHO CAN APPLY: everyone who would like to find out what is edutainment, where and how it should be used

APPLY: register online until 10.01.2019. 

Edutainment comes in many forms. A streaming video platform or a prepackaged learning product can be categorized as edutainment if it has both entertainment and educational value. An app for a mobile phone, auto dashboard or projection screen can also be classified as examples of edutainment technology. Many edutainment tools may make use of delightful mascots or characters, either digital or in real-life films, in order to sell the entertainment value of the product. Edutainment is very much an issue in developing modern digital and hybrid curriculum for the businesses today. 
Steps of an Entertaining and Engaging Edutainment Story includes:
• Opening: Opening presentation that impacts the audience 
• Incident: Evidence of a need for change for you or the client base!
• Action: Produce examples of change 
• Benefit: Paint several possible solutions
This lecture is free of charge.
Please note that during the lecture, photos will be taken for RBS informative materials, social media and website.
The lecture is organised together with Foreign Investors Council in Latvia.

Peter Young

Managing Marketing Communications
Strategic Advertising Management
San Jose State University;
University of California at
Berkeley, USA
Successful marketers maximize their sales opportunities by using integrated marketing communications, which include advertising, personal selling, promotion, direct marketing, public relations, customer relationship management and electronic media. Prepare an integrated marketing communications plan as part of the course's curriculum.
The course is taught by Peter Young. Peter brings to the class a unique combination of education in Political Science, New Media Technologies & Journalism, and Information Management Systems, and experience with classical and new media. He has taught at both San Jose State University; University of California at Berkeley. His special expertise is new media technology integration into various modalities of communications to include television, radio, and print. In this capacity, he is the senior advisor to the world’s first leisure news agency – RelaxNews.