Ed-TechEvolution program of excellence announces partnership with the best universities in Baltic region


Covid-19 crisis came as a black swan event for educational sector, prompting schools and universities to move online and redesign their curriculum accordingly. There will be a lasting impact on how we think about teaching and learning. The collaboration between educational institutions will play a central role here. That is why Ed-TechEvolution has joined forces with leading educational centres in Baltic region to facilitate this dramatic transformation.
Ed-TechEvolution brings together tech gurus and investors from Nordic and Baltic regions for a five-day intensive acceleration program that will be conducted entirely online. As those on the receiving end of the ongoing transformation, experts from the University of Latvia, Riga Technical University, Liepaja University, Vilnius University Business School and RTU Riga Business School will help evaluating and consulting startups taking part in the program.
According to Vytenis Mockus, Project Manager of Life Long Learning (LLL) Projects Unit at Vilnius University Business School, “Ed-TechEvolution is a fantastic opportunity to feel the pulse of the scene in the Baltics” as well as “to test the most innovative tools in our learning environment”.
Signe Bāliņa, professor and deputy Rector for Digital Society at the University of Latvia, believes that participation in Ed-TechEvolution provides an excellent opportunity to hear out fresh ideas from innovative businesses pertaining to how educational institutions could operate, if they can’t resume offline classes this fall due to Covid-19. She says the University of Latvia wants to follow in the footsteps of Cambridge University by drawing up contingency plans with the help of new technology that will be on display at Ed-TechEvolution.
Tālis Juhna, Vice-Rector for Science of Riga Technical University, seconds it by saying that the crisis has highlighted the need for universities to be ready to alter their teaching methods for non-standard situations:
“Our virtual program CrisesLab has demonstrated that by joining forces between students, scientists and companies, we can come up with unique prototype solutions within a short period of time. We see Ed-TecEvolution as an opportunity to develop continuous education methods suitable for the interests and perceptions of contemporary students in order to develop the skills required by a dynamic labor market”, said Juhna.
He went on to stress that: “RTU is already using design thinking and innovation skills in its curriculum, so we will offer our expertise in developing such ideas at EdTech Evolution, while also turning our university into a venue for testing newly developed teaching methods.”
Director of Riga Business School Jānis Grēviņš says the reality created by Covid-19 for educational institutions constitutes a “new normal”: “The transition to it requires new and innovative solutions that combine contemporary content with modern pedagogical methods, mixing face-to-face and virtual experiences. EdTechEvolution initiative is the right thing at the right time when we need to develop solutions that could possibly become game changers in the global higher education industry.”
Innovative companies which already specialise in Ed-Tech or want to pivot into it having developed a product or service in a different field, are invited to apply for the international acceleration program by June 6, 12 a.m. (https://www.edtechevolution.org/ ).
About Ed-TechEvolution:
Ed-TechEvolution is an international project supported by the ministries of education and experts from all three Baltic States. It aims to promote the development of new educational technology by running a five-day, intensive acceleration program. Ed-TechEvolution partners include "Lielvārde", "Tet", Riga City Council and "Altum". The program is supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Latvia, Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia, University of Latvia, Riga Technical University, RTU Riga Business School, Vilnius University Business School, University of Liepaja, Teach Millions, Learn Launch, Liepaja City Council, Commercialization Reactor, Progressica , Contriber and Microsoft.
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