50% reduction of tuition fee is available for EMBA studies of the executives of public sector and NGOs

To promote the advancement and ongoing empowerment of the change management skills of the top executives of state administration and NGOs, for the sixth year in a row Riga Business School (RTU Riga Business School, RBS) offers the possibility to receive a 50% tuition fee reduction for the RBS top   executives studies EMBA or Executive Master of Business Administration program.

Studies take place for approximately 2 years, and the beginning of studies is planned in January 2022, studies are organised once a month for one weekend from Friday to Saturday. Study language is English. Alongside 15 fundamental and specialized subjects or topics throughout the study period, RBS provides also leadership development practical sessions and experience exchange in this area.


Jānis Grēviņš, Director at RBS:

“EMBA is an important opportunity to expand one’s knowledge and contacts not only for the top level executives and business owners, but it is much needed also for the executives employed in public administration. In 2015, RBS Advisory Board supported this approach, approving reduction of the tuition fee from the RBS side, as the program costs are a sizeable investment that can’t be an obstacle. We are aware that the direction of RBS to advance and provide the education for the public growth is our important commitment and mission, besides RBS programs bring into Latvia global educational trends through our international partners and teaching staff.”


Jevgenijs Belezjaks, Council Member of several state and municipality companies:

“As per my observations public sector in terms of management standards are gradually coming closer to the good corporate practice examples in line with OECD recommendations. Respectively, all management aspects that were important only to the private sector, is starting to gain momentum also for the public sector. For this transition to happen public sector must acquire the scope of knowledge actively used by the executives and business owners in the private sector. Due to the de-politicization of the administration of state-owned companies all responsibility for the building and implementation of strategy is placed on the shoulders of the Board and Council. Studies provide a set of tools to achieve this and not helplessly depend on some external consultant. EMBA program provides a specific set of management, organisational behaviour and human resource methods. EMBA gives access to knowledge allowing to get introduced to the latest trends in the business development, including sustainability issues.”

To provide the reduction of the study tuition, applications of candidates are evaluated, considering the limited number of students in one EMBA course. Only executives of state administration, NGOs, as well as state representatives involved in the diplomatic activities can apply for the 50% reduction of the tuition fee. RBS is entitled to reject co-funding on the basis of the candidate selection and admission commission decision. Application deadline is 5 December of this year.

Topics you can study in this top level executives program is organisational management and behaviour concepts, ethics, business sustainability, decision making, management finance planning, human resource management, IT strategy and digitization management, as well as legal issues.


More info:

Aldis Greitāns, RBS Professional MBA and EMBA Program Director, aldis [dot] greitans [at] rbs [dot] lv

Agnese Strazda, BS Communications and Marketing Director (temporary), agnese [dot] strazda [at] rbs [dot] lv