Day of International Education “Event at Education USA Center”

On November 16, EdUSA Latvia held annual Day of International Education event at EdUSA host institution Riga Business School for high school students and current university students.


71 visitors attend the event, 1.7k people viewed the Facebook notification of the event, and 413 were interested in attending the event. The attendance was twice as high as in monthly seminars.


The event was organized in cooperation with Fulbright and Baltic-American Freedom Foundation alumni, FLEX program, guest speakers, banks, U.S. universities and was support by U.S. Embassy in Latvia and top high schools in Riga.


Event was held in three parts – How to choose? How to study? How to finance? First session was seminar, second webinar and third plenary discussion.  The audience was interested about financial aid and loan opportunities, and admission process. All students were invited to upcoming events at EdUSA Center.