Director’s Greeting

Dear friends,

In 2017 continued economic growth in Latvia, Europe and globally was intertwined with inspiring technological advancements, more business integration and rapid political turns. Advancement in such an environment requires knowledgeable and passionate leaders with the highest standards of integrity and ethics in their personal, professional, and social roles. Recognizing this need, the RBS Advisory Board initiated an exploratory process to determine how higher education can contribute to preparing such individuals for Latvia and the region. In cooperation with various stakeholders, the analysis is used to review and enhance RBS programs and services, so that the School provides even more significant contribution to the development of business and society in the region.


Some steps were already taken in 2017. In cooperation with the Association of the Commercial Banks of Latvia, RBS launched the ‘Financial Industry Program’ which has gained recognition from leading professional organizations in the field of anti-money laundering in the USA and Europe. We also provided our first courses in the Pre-University program, designed to prepare high-school students to compete for places and to study in rigorous university programs, offered by leading global universities, as well as RBS and its international partners. In parallel, RBS has introduced more information technology coverage in its academic programs to better prepare the students for the digital challenges laying ahead. 


In 2018, the School expects the re-accreditation visit from the Central and Eastern Management Association (CEEMAN). The visit will bring together all RBS community to review what has been accomplished since the last accreditation and what should be improved in the future. The re-accreditation will provide a new baseline to be used as a stepping stone for reaching even greater heights.


For 2018, I wish everybody to aim for new heights, attack your goals with passion and determination, be inspired by the opportunities the World provides us with, and have peace of mind with our families, relatives and friends.


I wish you Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous 2018!

Sincerely yours,

Janis Grevins, Ph.D
RTU Riga Business School