Our academic year and the new semester of PMBA started this week

The entire RBS community welcomes our latest and greatest; the freshmen  class students of 20a. Good luck and welcome!

Alexander Hellenkamp, a freshmen student shares his thoughts on our just completed orientation week:
"The orientation week turned out to be as eye-opening as it was exciting. The first discussions quickly showed the high caliber of fellow students from a great variety of different backgrounds. The speakers also quickly demonstrated that this MBA program will not be a walk in the park and that preparation will be key to achieving the high pass marks required. At the same time, our lecturers and students, created a great environment in which everyone felt comfortable to contribute. This was very useful in the class discussions. The great team building activity in which groups of ten students were given seemingly random information which contained not only the answers, but also the Information required to formulate the questions really were super and helped us co-create a feeling of community. One thing is for sure, for me the MBA has already formed some great connections and definitely broadened my horizons. I look forward for the start of the first courses."      
Alexander Hellenkamp