RBS Director’s Address

Dear graduates, faculty, staff, friends, and supporters,

Global development of digital technologies is facilitating creation of products and services that a decade ago were thought to belong in science fiction. These products have changed nearly every aspect of our lives, the ways we do our work and the approaches we use to manage our organizations. Nevertheless, technology is only a tool, and its proper, efficient and effective use depends on the inspiration, judgement, ethics, and leadership of a human. 


In recent years RBS has put more emphasis on training leadership skills and introduced a start-up component in all programs. We have further benchmarked course content against global professional standards and requirements, as well as increased the focus on technologies and their use. Our students and alumni help each other through mentorship programs and together they assist people in need through various social initiatives. These and other components, introduced by program leadership and faculty as part of the instructional process, are designed to prepare our students to become better managers and to undertake leadership challenges in the increasingly globalized and fast-paced world. 

Dear graduates! Use your skills, inspiration and judgement to advance your objectives, at the same time advancing your organizations, countries and society. Let your passion encourage other people around you to move forward. I believe that together you will achieve unprecedented heights!


With the best wishes for your success,

Sincerely yours,

Janis Grevins, Ph.D
RTU Riga Business School