RBS Students in Cooperation with Art Professionals Run Art Project “WISER”

On April 25 RBS BBA students organized an opening event of an audiovisual photo exhibition as part of the art project “WISER”. The purpose of the exhibition is to bring together different generations and focus on real-life conversations by interviewing people over the age of 70 years.


In this exhibition visitors can view the photos taken by RBS students, to draw inspiration from people’s insights, and listen to true conversations. Artist Agnese Aljēna and art scholar Laine Kristberga cooperates with students in this study project.

Sincere talks, insights full of knowledge and stories about motherland which have never been told before, people and moments - this and more stands behind each of the portraits.

Students of RBS together with art scholar Laine Kristberga, have interviewed more than 30 seniors and searched answers to fundamental questions like “which has been the most emotional moment of your life?”, “what would you do if you could start your life from the beginning?” and others. These interviews have resulted in unique portraits and life lessons that encourage to think about the true values of life.

Authors of the portraits share their impressions: “The simple, but in life's tense rhythm forgotten conversations have gained a new value. By asking simple questions that we have long wanted to ask we have gained life lessons which we can use in our own lives.”