Riga Business School Strategical Retreat

On August 17 RBS - students, alumni, faculty and staff met at Strategical Retreat.

The mission, vision, values and goals of RBS were reviewed, discussed, and updated to meet the ever-changing needs of society and the labor market. The goal of this retreat was to ensure that RBS is a contemporary institution that is agile and meets the needs of today's society.

In order to ensure transparency and the involvement of all stakeholders, the strategic retreat gathered all of the key constituents of RBS - students, alumni, faculty and staff. Together, during this day, with the facilitation of the excellent Mr Raivis Kalniņš, the RBS community reviewed its mission, vision, and values, whether they are those that will provide the most value to society both locally and globally, and how RBS can best fill its role as the driver of development.

The second half of the day was spent discussing how this updated strategy can be implemented and what are its goals. To do this, the various activities of RBS were divided in accordance with the various populations that are served. The pre-university work of RBS was reviewed, as well as the BBA, PMBA and EMBA programs, as well as the actions of RBS in promoting and providing lifelong learning. The end result is a general framework of actions and goals that RBS should achieve to retain its position as a provider of premium management and leadership education in the region. After this seminar, the RBS administration will, in close consultation with all the stakeholders of RBS, formulate a draft strategy, which will then be confirmed with the RBS Council and Advisory Board.

This is but another of the many steps that RBS takes to ensure that it retains its status as a modern institution, which provides real value to society.