Startup Lab is the Right “Buddy” Along the Way. True Story.

We’ve been running the Startup Lab course already for more than half a year. Our driving question is – what do students think about it? Fasten your seatbelts and find out the opinions  of 3 students!

Ivars says that he was able to meet people he would have never met under “normal circumstances”. It’s been valuable and inspiring for him to hear their perspectives on running business. Ivars adds that the course is well structured, develops skills and encourages thinking out of the box. Moreover, it teaches students to follow their passion.

Jānis notes that he has gained lots of experience and advice from business people. In addition, he says that Startup Lab is like an incubator for new business ideas. Jānis predicts that in the future the course will become increasingly important part of the whole study program.

Kristaps says that during Startup Lab he has understood that starting his own business is something for him. He has discovered new ways for generating business ideas. Kristaps also adds that he is beginning to better understand the steps that one needs to take in order to start a business. He stresses that Riga Business School is a place where not only professionals in some particular areas (marketing, accounting or economics) are developed, but this is the place where a student can become whatever he or she wants to be.

Finally, Kristaps reminds  us all that it’s nearly impossible to reach high goals alone. And Startup Lab is the right “buddy” along the way.


With best wishes,

RBS Startup Lab team