Support Riga Technical university and RTU Riga Business School in the "Praise Good Service!" campaign

For 9  years now March has been the month of Good service. And this year  Riga Technical university is has joined as an active participant in the campaign.  Good words enhance good works!

Have you ever been wanted to, but have not managed to say Thank You? Maybe to our great Alumni Association for the marvellous events they organise? The administrator of the student information center or your faculty office manager, who always helps you with good advice?  Is it  the library or the whole school?  Then the month of March is tright time to remember the nice moments and say Thank You!

We kindly ask you to take part in the campaign by informing us and Latvian society of what you like and what makes you happy about studying in RTU Riga Business School.

You are welcome to fill in the forms in Riga Technical university homepage or here.

Because students are the ones we work for and we are eager to do even better!