Winners of Business simulation game TITAN – students from Olaine

The Winners of the business simulation game TITAN tournament organised by Junior Achievement Latvia (JA Latvia) and RTU Riga Business School (RBS) are students from Olaine Secondary School No.1. Second place was awarded to Agenskalna State Gymnasium, and third - Riga State Gymnasium No. 3.
JA TITAN is designed to allow students to become a genuine entrepreneurs. It takes place in 2035, and is an intensive online marketplace where each team develops a strategy for how to sell computers and succeed.
"The strategic business game TITAN is a great opportunity for young people to learn business thinking, strategy development, and choice of tactics while assessing the market situation. These skills are exactly the ones which Latvian entrepreneurs need to have to be competitive on the international market. Therefore, we are very pleased to have these young people: open, curious and creative, who are ready to prove themselves in a virtual business environment,” says the jury representative, RBS professor Inga Jākobsone.
In the championship, the best team was determined by two criteria: the index of success gained by playing the online game and their presentation what they learned during the game.
CEO of JA Latvia Jānis Krievāns points out: “In this game, just like in real business, the situation can change at any moment. In order to win, it is not enough to develop and implement a strong strategy, teams should justify their choice. This is exactly what happens in business: one successful step will not be enough, success should be built in a long and thoughtful way. This business simulation game provides a great opportunity for students to make mistakes in a virtual environment, rather than in a real business.
The winning team agrees: “In the first phase of the game our score was low and we almost lost our place, but we are pleased, because we were able to believe in ourselves and the strategy we chose. We continued to develop it and looked for new tactics from competition to competition, and we avoided defeat. Participation in this project and the opportunity to compete, gave us the chance apply theory in practice. We learned to make quick decisions by making changes to the strategy and responding to unexpected situations caused by competitors during the competition."
The winners received awards from RBS. The first place received a certificate of scholarship at RBS, the second - entrance tickets to Digital Freedom Festival, the third - entrance tickets to the conference Riga COMM.
In the final round 8 teams from 6 different schools competed - Agenskalna State Gymnasium, Daugavpils Secondary School No. 3, Riga State Gymnasium No. 3, Olaine Secondary School No. 1, Liepaja Rainis Secondary School No. 6, and Ventspils State Gymnasium No. 1. These teams have proved themselves in previous stages of this championship.
In total 190 teams participated in the 12 regional JA TITAN championships throughout Latvia, 32 of them participated in the semi-final.