Entrepreneurial Finance

Faculty: R.Lieksnis, Ph.D.

Time: Mondays, 6 p.m.-9 p.m.

This course covers the structure and new challenges of the banking industry. Developing a risk approach, it presents the commercial bank strategies in their different risk dimension. Particular emphasis will be given to banking regulation and supervision as well as credit risk and credit risk management. The institutional dimension will be also considered, as it is a part of the banks’ environment. It will also be discussed how the banking crisis that started in 2007 has dramatically affected banks.

The course will be based on a series of lectures and will make use of cases and student presentations as well as class discussion. Students get experience in making real-life bank management decisions using Banking Game


Participation fee for 1 course, 1 person is EUR 700* + VAT (* the fee doesn’t include course compendium and book)


As the number of seats is limited and available on "first-come-first-serve basis", please register by sending email to info [at] rbs [dot] lv.

Please include payment information (company details or personal details, bank details), so we are able to send you an before class begins.


Registration deadline:
You are kindly asked to register before May 7, 2019.

Certificate is available on request.