Tuition Fees

RBS Professional MBA program structure allows students to choose the number of courses they take in each semester. Tuition is paid per course. On average, students choose to take two courses per semester, so the total tuition per semester  2019/2020 is EUR 1200. 


Prices for LV residents  (2021/2022 academic year)

Expenses Professional MBA
Tuition per course EUR 645
Tuition per semester* EUR 1 290
Tuition per program** EUR 10 830
Books and cases per course EUR 40 - 70
Resource fee per semester*** EUR 50

* If two courses per semester are taken

** If completed in nominal time – 2,5 years – for Professional MBA

*** Resource fee includes access to scientific databases, use of RBS computer lab, printing and access to the RBS Online Access study system, and is payable in the Fall and Spring semesters.

Students entering the RTU Riga Business School’s MBA program are eligible for student loans guaranteed by the Government of Latvia. 

For the year of 2021 these loans are administered by Altum.

To apply for the student loan, please contact the RBS Student information center at Skolas iela 11, tel: 67089800, e-mail: info [at] rbs [dot] lv

More about state guaranteed loans


Prices for International students (2021/2022 academic year)

Expenses Professional MBA* 
EU residents Non-EU residents
Tuition per year EUR 5 320 EUR 7 895
Tuition per program EUR 10 640 EUR 15 790
Books and cases Included in the tuition fee
Resource fee Included in the tuition fee

* International students are required to take 4 courses per semester