Bridge Program Structure

This full-time programme is comprised of 16 academic hours of classroom time per week followed by self-study and assignments.

Level of Instruction

Typical iBT TOEFL score at placement

Length of the module

Areas of studies

Pre-Intermediate (A2+)

32 - 34

10 weeks

reading, speaking, listening, writing, vocabulary, and grammar.

Lower-Intermediate (B1+)

35 - 45

10 weeks

Intermediate (B2)

46 - 59

10 weeks

High-Intermediate (B2+)

60 -78

10 weeks

Students advance from one level to another after successfully completing each eight-week module. The module is considered successfully completed if students:

  • attend minimum 75% of classes
  •  actively participate in all classroom activities
  • do all assignments
  • pass all tests
  • earn mark of 7 or higher

Students who fail to meet the requirements for advancing to the next level will be given a chance to re-take a module.