День открытых дверей



Are you a high school student (10th to 12th grade)?

On February 8, RTU Riga Business School (RBS) invites you to participate in the Open Day for Bachelor's programs!

Are you ready to be a business or IT leader? Are you ready to start building your career now? Become a highly demanded professional in business or IT, and stand out from the crowd. Choose our ambitious bachelor programs! Attend Open Day, meet our students, faculty members and learn more!


Why RBS?

  • Interdisciplinary education - we use a liberal arts approach to expand students’ horizons
  • Double degree - in cooperation with Norway and the USA
  • Scholarships - more than 10 scholarships available
  • International environment - students, professors, and partners
  • Individual approach - we are invested in our students and their success, and take an individual approach to learning


Apply for Open Day for Bachelor's programs (for school year 2020/2021)!

If you want to apply for OPEN DAY, please fill in this form:

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Special guest - Ouafa Abarkach, Coordinator - Full-time Programmes /BI Norwegian Business School/

Agenda - TBC


RBS предлагает получасовые консультации с консультантом программы бакалавра, чтобы получить ответы на все вопросы по программе Бакалавриата  и процедуре приёма.

Консультации по программе Бакалавриата (только после регистрации) в Рижской бизнес-школе , ул. Сколас 11, Рига.




Зарегистироваться можно по электронной почте или позвонив по телефону:

Paula Elksne

Assistant Director of Bachelor Programs

E-mail: paula [dot] elksne [at] rbs [dot] lv

Phone: +371 67089800


Leila Zabitova

Admission Support Manager

E-mail: leila [dot] zabitova [at] rbs [dot] lv

Phone: +371 67089800