Mission, Vision, Strategy


RBS Mission


Our mission is to educate managers and build leaders who create sustainable prosperity in the Baltic region. We do this by fostering an environment in which high potential individuals are challenged, inspired and engaged through interactive learning in the world’s top management practices.


RBS Vision


In partnership with business, government, international partners and the local community, RBS is committed to the vision of making Latvia and Riga the economic intersection of the region through education and training of internationally competitive managers whose skills will promote, encourage and foster regional economic development.



RBS Strategy


RTU Riga Business School is the number one destination for management education in the Baltic’s. RBS strategic direction is recommended by the management team and approved by the RBS Advisory Board. The strategy largely emerges from the Mission and is formed during regular consultations with a range of stakeholders. The strategic direction of the school is reviewed every year by the Council and the Advisory Board, which also approves the targets for the upcoming year.