RTU Governance Mechanisms

RTU Senate

The RTU Senate is the collegiate management and decision making body of the University. It approves the order and laws which regulate all spheres of university operations.

RTU Rector

The RTU Rector is responsible for facilitating the development of RTU personnel and ensures academic freedom for academic personnel and students.


RBS Specific Governance

Aside from directly reporting to the RTU Senate and RTU Rector and in contrast with the traditional collegiate academic bodies found in Latvia’s universities, RBS operates under the guidance of two other governing bodies:


The Advisory Board:

The Advisory Board is the strategic governing body of the School. It has collective responsibility to promote the School’s well-being and for the proper management and financial solvency of the institution. Corporate strategy and associated policy decisions are subject to the Board’s approval.


The Council:

The Council is the principal academic authority of the School. It is formed taking into account the peculiarities of RTU RBS primary activities and the representation of its structural units. The Council consists of RBS director, the director of academic programs, the director of language center, representatives of academic personnel and students. The representatives of the academic personnel are elected by RTU RBS faculty.