One-to-One Courses

The integrated course is developed on the basis of our General English or Business English programs with special attention to the student’s preferences and individual learning needs. The study process combines personal approach with ELC standards in placement, core teaching materials, attendance rules, and homework, ensuring the student’s unique needs are met while they study at their own pace.


The program is offered at the following levels:

General English Business English
Advanced  High-Intermediate


To help us give you the best level match, we ask you to take the English language proficiency test followed by an interview.

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Course details

Length of the course As agreed, suggested optimal: 100 academic hours 
Course intensity 2 academic hours 2 times a week 
Fee for one academic hour* 57 EUR

*standard course program at Skolas Street 11 incl. study books, AI-based application, use of platform, quizzes, and supplementary materials



After the course a participant receives a certificate that entitles him/her to study at the next level. In order to receive a certificate you must::

  • successfully meet all course requirements,
  • attend at least 75% of the classes.