Application is open for the digital skills training program for university faculty members in USA

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02.05.22 09:00 - 05.05.22 23:59

Until 5 May 2022 faculty members from the universities of Latvia are invited to apply for the four months digital skills training program at the USA, University at Buffalo, State University of New York, for the academic year of 2022/2023. Currently faculty members can apply for two study semesters which will begin respectively on 31 August and 31 January. Duration of each semester is four months.


In each of both semesters it is planned to enrol eight university faculty members. The training program is administered by Riga Business School as the structural unit of Riga Technical University. Up to now 36 university faculty members have completed the Buffalo training program, currently 22 university faculty members are studying in the training program and will return to Latvia at the end of may. In total university faculty members from more than 10 universities are represented at the Buffalo training program.


Buffalo program provides the opportunity for the university faculty members of Latvian universities and scientific institutions in digital sectors, as well as those willing to integrate digital content in other subject areas, to study the latest methods in the preparation and teaching of the IT courses content, skills in the student project management and supervision, as well as research and interdisciplinary academic experience. In frame of the program special emphasis is placed on the integration of digital content in other areas, therefore university teachers will be able to select subjects from the offer of several faculties/departments.


To apply for the Buffalo training program, applicants need to comply with the following requirements:

-       Education corresponding to at  least EKI 7 level (Master’s degree),

-       English language skills at least B2 level,

-   Electronically submit CV, letter of motivation, essay about their pedagogical work experience, approach and goals

You can find the competition regulations, selection criteria and the competition online application form in the project website:

Jānis Grēviņš, Director at Riga Business School: “Starting this program for the university faculty members, we were clearly aware of the growing necessity to strengthen IT discipline academic staff and interdisciplinary approach in the provision of higher education. Today when we kick-start already the fifth and sixth group of university faculty members in frame of the program, we have heard from the university teachers of these and previous groups various opinions regarding the necessity to improve the educational process as the experience gained shows we can do better and in a more engaging manner. And these opinions are important if we want to take a direction of progress in education. Currently the 2022/2023 study year, after four years, marks the conclusion of the current study program and project funding, therefore I definitely invite the heads of universities and also university faculty members themselves not to postpone anything and be ready for this important experience – see how people study and how the study process is organised elsewhere.”


Anita Muižniece, Minister of Education and Science: “Without a doubt this study program strengthens the knowledge of university faculty members and promotes also attaining of strategic goals. I invite to use this opportunity applying for the concluding program cycles and most important – actively use gained knowledge, also sharing it to promote its strengthening in as wide range of sector representatives as possible.”


Elīna Lidere, 5G Guest Lecturer and Co-Creator of Riga TechGirls, currently is one of 22 university faculty members studying at the Buffalo study program: “Today USA generally invests a lot in the development of digital skills to promote economic growth and security. University at Buffalo particularly specializes on the technological possibilities and here people from different countries of the world come to study. USA approach says that everyone can learn to code. Therefore University at Buffalo offers computer science courses in the various fields – not only engineering sciences, but also medicine and, for example, digital art programming in media studies. 


Lauris Cikovskis, Head of High Performance Computing (HPC) centre of Riga Technical University, currently one of 22 university faculty members studying at the Buffalo study program: “The broad scope of USA and the available technologies allows also getting to know latest solutions and trends in a very specialized manner. Studies at the University at Buffalo also are an opportunity to meet world-class scientists and develop cooperation opportunities between Latvia and USA in the research and development of innovations.”


In frame of the Buffalo study program university faculty members from Latvia receive paid tuition, accommodation and transport costs, visa and other expenses related to travelling. During the studies every participant receives a EUR 2500 scholarship per month. After returning from the studies at the University at Buffalo university teachers have to continue pedagogical work in any of the Latvian higher education establishments for at least two years.


In the framework of this project the first group of university teachers went to the USA in 2019 to raise their digital capacity, and in total already 36 university faculty members from Latvia have gained knowledge in the University at Buffalo. Implementation of this ERDF project is planned until 2023. Buffalo study program is one of the currently two higher education innovation programs. At the moment alongside the Buffalo study program also the MIT J-WEL program is organised where 17 higher education and organisation executives and leaders from Latvia study education administration and innovation skills. All information about both programs is available at



About the Buffalo program:

This program prepares the core of the Latvian digitalization university faculty members, providing opportunity to study high level digitals skills, as well as gain world-class knowledge about the content, application, teaching technologies. Studies take place at the University at Buffalo, State University at New York, USA.

Study program is implemented in frame of the agreement concluded between the Riga Technical University and Central Finance and Contracting Agency regarding the project “Support for RTU international cooperation projects in research and innovations” (

Higher education establishments involved in the development of Buffalo study program: University of Latvia, Riga Technical University, Riga Stradins University, Riga Business School.



More information:

Jānis Grēviņš, Riga Business School Director, jgrevins [at] rbs [dot] lv

Agnese Strazda, Riga Business School Communications and Marketing Director, agnese [dot] strazda [at] rbs [dot] lv