"What's next? How to prepare for the market after the crisis?"

Event time: 
24.04.20 16:00 - 17:00
Riga Business School is delighted to help companies and organizations through live panel discussions online with international experts. Today we are happy to announce the third panel discussion "What's next? How to prepare for the market after the crisis?".   
The COVID-19 emergency is still evolving, this pandemic has affected almost all companies around the world. This situation is challenging and requires adaptation, optimization of resources, changes in the company’s strategies; at the same time it takes a lot of analysis, prediction, and forecasting. Is your company thinking at least one step further and setting up a plan for work after the crisis?
On April 24, we invite you to participate in the panel discussion "What's next? How to prepare for the market after the crisis?", listen to experts, their opinion, best practices or scenarios for dealing with the impact of COVID-19, preparing for the market after the crisis, and ask your questions or share your expertise.
In this panel discussion, we will talk about innovations in business models, how companies can create innovations, what approaches can be used (for example use of a systems approach to change the behavior of people), how companies are preparing for work after the crisis and what should be prepared. Join our 1-hour long panel discussion with leaders representing different sectors. At the end of this panel discussion, there will be a live Q&A and discussion session. Please prepare your questions.
         For whom: business owners, senior or mid-level managers (HR managers, Finance managers
                            etc.), start-ups, representatives from government institutions
         When: April 24
         Time: 16:00
         Cost: Free of charge
         Where: Online, please register to receive live stream link, it will be sent out 30 minutes before
                      the event
         Registration: mlgn.to/7we7
This panel discussion will be moderated by Greg Mathers, Riga Business School instructor and Adizes Latvia managing director.
Members of the panel discussion:

Toms Didrihsons
CEO at Orkla Latvija
Toms Didrihsons is an experienced C-level professional in food industry. He is currently leading one of the largest FMCG companies in Latvia – Orkla Latvija with a turnover of 116 M’€ and more than 1’300 employees, representing for centuries beloved local brands such as Laima, Selga, Staburadze, Spilva, Ādažu Čipsi and many others.
His comprehensive understanding of the operation of complex food companies has been gained during more than 15 years in various fields of activity while working in “Orkla” group companies in Latvia. Since 2015, when Latvian sweet and snack’s manufacturers were acquired by Orkla group, company has been through a major change process and Toms has been an important leader who drove the change.
He has a Bachelor's degree in Finance and Banking from Queensland University of Technology, Australia, and an Executive MBA from Riga Business School, Latvia.

Olavs Ritenis
CEO at Ventures International Group

As the Founder and CEO of Ventures International Group, Olavs has three decades of international business experience, much of which is Asia-specific, and with extensive business connections across the Asia Pacific region. He is an accomplished entrepreneur, having previously founded his own Software and Consulting Services businesses in both Australia and Asia, primarily representing various US and European technology vendors in the Asia Pacific region.
Olavs is well-versed in establishing, managing and supporting distributors and channel partners throughout Asia, Europe and Australia. He has a passion for working with early stage and growth stage companies, providing them with business development assistance, mentoring, strategic advisory services, and assistance with capital raising. Olavs also has considerable experience and a successful track record in Asia with Capital Raising and Investment Funding, which are now his main areas of focus and specialisation.
As a Latvian born and raised in Australia, Olavs has a strong interest in assisting Latvian companies expand their business into Asia, using Singapore as a springboard into surrounding regional markets.
Ventures International Group (www.ventures-international.net ) is a Singapore-based Capital Raising Consultancy and Strategic Advisory Firm, also providing “Asia Gateway” Market Entry Services.

Sunil Dovedy
Principal Associate, Professional Director at the Adizes Institute

Sunil Dovedy oversees the professional practices of the Adizes Institute in the Americas and India with special emphasis on program delivery quality. As a certified Adizes Principal Associate, he also delivers key modules of the Adizes Program for organizational transformation.
Working closely with Dr. Adizes since 1999 and with over 20 years of experience in the high technology and information systems sector, Mr. Dovedy brings to his work at the Adizes Institute a varied background in the Software, Manufacturing and Service industries. He has run global organizations and in dealt with fast changing environments. Prior to joining the Institute, he successfully deployed the Adizes Program in his organization. This initial experience and his continuing work with client members of Adizes, both in the profit and non-profit arena; have provided him powerful insights into the key factors that are critical to successfully deploying the Adizes methodology in a variety of settings.
Throughout his career, Mr. Dovedy has continually been involved in the creation and management of high performance teams.