Leadership Development Practicum






RBS EMBA Leadership Development Practicum (LDP) participants will gain a deep understanding of the central concepts of leadership development and coaching as they are applied in a variety of business and social contexts.

The LDP will include mastering new personal leadership tools, working individually and in teams, focusing on knowledge implementation. While addressing their own issues, as opposed to case studies, the participants will be supported and coached to make the changes they need for the results they want. We will work in a challenging environment that fosters development and will use peer review, quick feedback, personal journals and executive coaching to make you more successful as a leader and a person.

Christo Nell, the course instructor said: 

«A critical thing is to understand that leaders are not born – they are developed. And the challenge to each one of us as a leader and to you is not to ask that is the very best type of leader out there but to rather understand you can be the very best leader that is possible for you to be.»

The LDP program sets RBS apart from most other business programs in the region with an intensive and rewarding experience creating the best leaders for business and society.