«What are my conclusions about Executive MBA studies at RBS? My top-of-mind answer is teamwork. Not learning that teamwork is essential, but really two years long practicing using teamwork.  Often the process was challenging, but always the result was exciting.  The second thought is gaining better self-awareness. Studies show that about 80 percent of all CEOs are unhappy. The leadership program at RBS helps us to understand the price of success and places maximum effort so that RBS alumni are among those 20 percent which are happy. And, of course, the third aspect is the excellent business knowledge based on the best business books and the best business cases – programs that the best US universities use. I wish your discoveries to be bright and meaningful.»

Iveta Priedīte
Development Manager, Narvesen Baltija


«Thank you for the steady steps into leadership through the highest degree of professionalism, mutual respect, sense of humor and team spirit shared by the faculty and fellow students.»

Ligita Kravale
Head of Legal, Fortum


«It has been a year since graduation and it is only now that I have started to understand the true value of RBS EMBA program. I thought I understood that value back then, but I did not. Just like when we are peeling off an onion to discover new layers of skin, I keep discovering new “aha moments”. These “aha” moments are not only about mastering business driven situations, but in moments when I start to see the whole picture of life, understanding one's game among the others and one's role within the game. I wish the best “aha moments” for you!»

Aldis Cimoška
Member of the Management Board at HansaMatrix




«Studying at RBS has broadened my perspective on seeing things.
Definitely it is a great place to gain a mixture of experience, knowledge sharing and networking.»

Kon Tai Bui
Chairman of the Board, Foundation Ltd




«Using  the case method proved to me that there is no right or wrong decision – you are the one who makes it right or wrong through the decision making process. My MBA studies gave me the confidence to make my decisions.»

Daiga Melalksne-Auziņa
Chairman of Management Board, NASDAQ OMX Riga




«RBS was both a great challenge and an opportunity to create a life-long network of friends and colleagues. I can easily repeat the words I wrote in 2007 “to improve is to change, to be perfect is to change often”, W.Churchill. RBS was the place where to improve and strive towards perfection. I really appreciate the great communication from RBS and value the opportunity  to follow and participate in RBS life.»

Daiga Veisa
Country Manager, 
UPM Kymmene Forest AS affiliate




«A good education is always a great asset, but it is even more valuable at a time when the economy is under a lot of stress: the market can appreciate the superiority of such an education as competition grows tense. The up-to-date approaches to business teaching and to the interpretation of topical processes offered by RBS have enabled students not only to endure a truly challenging study process but also to apply the knowledge acquired effectively in communication with foreign partners – which is an affirmation that RBS is able to provide quality that is on par with universities abroad. It is essential that the time spent studying also allows one to learn about and analyse practical situations with real-life applications – which particularly helps later on when encountering similar cases in what is by then a true business environment. RBS is very good at training professionals, it teaches one to think in business terms and provides a genuine idea of how business operations are managed in real life.» Āris Žīgurs
Chairman of the Board, Latvenergo JSC