Unique Study Financing Offer

RBS is proud to present a unique Executive MBA study program financing proposal intended for individuals whose sole professional activities are related to:

  • public administration;
  • non-governmental organizations;
  • diplomatic activities.


Since the very beginning, the mission of RTU Riga Business School (RBS) has been to educate managers and build leaders who create sustainable prosperity in the Baltic region. Professional management and leadership contributes greatly to the well-being and sustainability of the region. Therefore, RBS announces an initiative to support individuals in public, voluntary and governmental sectors in their missions and to contribute to the development of current and future leaders for public sector by providing members of these organizations a tuition fee waiver of up to 50% for studies in the RBS Executive MBA program starting in January 2022.


The growing trend for public-sector managers to hold the MBA qualification shows a clear indication for the necessity for MBA skills and mindset for moving toward successful career development. The skillset and mindset taught by MBA programs are in high demand as they provide strong leaders and skilled managers the capability to adapt to a fast changing environment, have innovative and creative minds and the ability to apply fresh strategic approaches to a wide range of issues. 


Studies in Executive MBA program at RBS during my career at the Ministry of Economics provided me with three benefits: first, knowledge of the latest management approaches allowed me to complete assigned tasks more effectively; second, understanding global challenges and opportunities facing companies helped in shaping policies for the country’s competiveness; third,  contacts and experience working with corporate leadership increased efficiency in corporate governance and management of state-owned  enterprises.  I recommend my colleagues from state institutions to consider the opportunity to study together with corporate leaders at RTU Riga Business School and increase their work efficiency and speed of career development.

Andris Liepiņš, former Chairman of the Board of RIGA International Airport


"Studies at RBS expanded my view and understanding about different types of company and organization management principles. And we also had representatives of large companies among us. It was interesting to learn that though we work for different goals: NGO's for the public good and companies for profit, we all have common issues. During the study process we met experienced leaders; and discussions with them led us to new ideas for different ways how to tackle our organization growth challenges. For me personally it was very useful to learn the language that is used by the business sector in order to be able to speak the same language when attracting finance”

Iluta Lāce, Board Member of Resource Center for Women “Marta”,


 “RBS is delighted to offer this opportunity and to support public sector. We truly believe that this initiative will generate great value for the region in years to come. The idea for the tuition fee waiver has been around for some time now and after presenting it to the school’s Advisory Board received full support. The Executive MBA program was chosen as a best fit for the initiative because we feel that its content and structure can deliver the best results to candidates from the public sector. Our Personalized Leadership Development Practicum as well as global focus helps to prepare exceptional leaders who are ready to take on future challenges,” 

Jānis Grēviņš, Director of Riga Business School


Tuition fee waivers will be granted to a limited number of carefully selected candidates as the offer is intended for individuals whose professional activity is solely related to public administration, non-governmental organizations or diplomatic activities. RBS reserves the right the refuse tuition fee waivers to candidates based on the Candidate Selection and Admission Committee decision.


To qualify for a fee waiver, candidates must meet the requirements of this offer and admission criteria to the EMBA program. Please submit the application form by December 5, 2021.


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