Student Ambassador


Sofiia Garmash
BBA8, Class of 2022

sofiia [dot] garmash [at] rbs [dot] lv

Hey-hey, The main driver for self-growth and understanding the real world around you begins in university. I understand that the idea of moving to another country can sound somewhat unreal to you or your parents, but it is the most solid and brave thing that you can to develop yourself. Believe me, I know what you may feel right now :). To make all your worries and hesitation go away, you should take just one simple step - message me! I will help you with any issue that you may face or share my own experience in RBS.

Привіт-привіт, Я вважаю, що основний рушій для саморозвитку та обізнаності реального світу навколо тебе починається в університеті. Я повністю розумію, що ідея переїзду до іншої країни може здатися нереальною для тебе чи твоїх батьків. Але, це найсміливіше рішення , яке ти можеш прийняти аби почати свій шлях до успіху. Повір, я знаю, що ти можеш відчувати зараз :). Задля того щоб усі твої турботи та вагання зникли, тобі потрібно зробити лише один простий крок – написати мені! Я допоможу тобі у вирішенні будь-якої проблеми з якою ти можете зіткнутися або поділитися своїм досвідом у RBS.



Mariami Abeslamidze
BBA7, Class of 2021

mariami [dot] abeslamidze [at] rbs [dot] lv

Become a student of the three-year bachelor's degree at Riga Business School with triple accreditation offering a dual degree in BI Norwegian Business School or University at Buffalo School of Management, additionally, you can choose from three specializations in finance, marketing, and social entrepreneurship.

გახდი სტუდენტი აკრედიტირებულ სასწავლო დაწესებულებაში, რომელიც გთავაზობს BI Norwegian Business School-ისა და Buffalo School of Management-ის ორმაგ ხარისხს. დამატებით მიიღე სპეციალიზაცია სამი მიმართულებით: ფინანსებში, მაკეტინგსა, და მეწარმეობაში, მხოლოდ სამ წლიანი სასწავლო კურსის გავლით!


Sofia Fokina
BBA8, Class of 2022

sofia [dot] fokina [at] rbs [dot] lv

Hi! Text me whenever you want. I’m here for you, to tell you everything about studying at RBS! I know exactly how you feel so don’t be shy and ask even questions that might seem unrelated :)

Привет! С нетерпением жду сообщения от тебя в любое время. Я готова рассказать все об обучении в РБС! Я знаю, ты сейчас боишься показаться смешным и у тебя много сомнений по поводу обучения в другой стране. Я тоже была на твоём месте, поэтому не бойся задавать вопросы, я рада тебе помочь :)


Alisher Urunov
BBA5, Class of 2019

alisher [dot] urunov [at] rbs [dot] lv

Hi, guys, Some time ago I was where you are in choosing my next career. It is a hard choice to make. So if you need any advice feel free to contact me, I can give some insights about life at RBS and in Riga.


Nazirabonu Alimardonova
BBA2, Class of 2016

nazira [dot] alimardonova [at] rbs [dot] lv

What is a challenge for one to study abroad? Being alone, far from your family and friends, you say? My answer to you is - do not worry about it, RBS has your back! One of the key advantages of RBS is the individual approach towards each student. Academic and administrative staff are always ready and enthusiastic when you need help or just need to chat. If you want to unleash your hidden potential, gain strong academic knowledge and expand your network, join us in RBS! Want to hear more stories and insights from an international student's perspective? Do not be shy. Feel free to give me a message.


Varun Sundaresan
BBA5, Class of 2019
BI Dual Degree

varun [dot] sundaresan [at] rbs [dot] lv

"Hi! I am Varun, and I have spent two great years at RBS as a part of the BBA double-degree program. The two years at RBS have allowed me to vastly grow my academic knowledge, network, and loads of other skills! I believe RBS is a great pathway for prospective students to enter the professional world. Feel free to send me a message to know more about my experience at RBS!"


Joakim Luiro
BBA9, Class of 2023

joakim [dot] luiro [at] rbs [dot] lv

Studying at Riga Business School has broadened my view of the world. If you are interested in studying abroad, Riga Business School may be just the right place. If you want to ask about studying or living in Riga, get in touch!

Opiskelu Riian kauppakorkeakoulussa on laajentanut näkemystäni maailmasta. Mikäli sinua kiinnostaa opiskella ulkomailla, Riga Business School voi olla juuri se oikea paikka. Mikäli haluat kysyä opiskelusta tai elämästä Riiassa, ota yhteyttä!


Otabek Khamidov
BBA8, Class of 2022

otabek [dot] khamidov [at] rbs [dot] lv

Do you want to explore life at RBS before you arrive? As a Student Ambassador, I can help you to discover the harmony of European life, North-American education, and Asian culture that you will find in Riga. Be prepared to achieve more than you expected! Contact me for a friendly chat.

RBS hayotini kelishingizdan oldin kashf qilmoqchimisiz? Talaba elchi sifatida sizga Rigadagi Yevropa hayoti, Shimoliy Amerika o'quv tizimi, va Osiyo madaniyati uyg'unligini kashf qilishga yordam beraman. Kutgaingizdan ko'prog'iga erishishga tayyor bo'ling! Do'stona muloqot uchun bog'laning.


Antoine Volz
BBA9, Year 2020, Erasmus

antoine [dot] volz [at] rbs [dot] lv

Hi! My name is Antoine. I am French. I studied at RBS for two semesters as part of an Erasmus mobility from early September 2020 to the end of April 2021. This experience was the foundation of my professional project, as it was a bridge between my DUT Commercialization Techniques course and my admission to a Master's degree. My time at RBS allowed me to enrich my skills in many fields, including international business and economics, marketing management, consumer and organizational behavior, managerial accounting, web programming, and more. If you are interested being a student at RBS next year and have questions about the courses, the campus, or life in Latvia, I will be happy to answer them and help you with your choice! See you soon :)

Salut ! Je m'appelle Antoine. Je suis français. J'ai étudié à RBS pendant deux semestres dans le cadre d'une mobilité Erasmus de début septembre 2020 à fin avril 2021. Cette expérience fondatrice de mon projet professionnel figure comme une passerelle entre mon cursus de DUT Techniques de Commercialisation et mon admission en Master. Elle m'a permis d'enrichir mes compétences dans de nombreux domaines comme le commerce et l'économie international, le marketing management, les comportements des consommateurs et des organisations, la comptabilité managériale, la programmation web et d'autres encore. Si tu souhaites rejoindre RBS l'année prochaine et que tu te poses certaines questions concernant les cours, le campus ou la vie en Lettonie, je serais ravi d'y répondre afin de t'accompagner dans ton choix d'orientation ! A très vite :)