IFP Maths & Stats


  • Are you looking to learn Mathematics beyond the high school standard?
  • Are you interested in learning Statistics and how to apply it?
  • Are you planning to apply to a prestigious university?


Earn a certificate from a world-famous University of London!

The course is offered as a stand-alone part of the University of London International Foundation Programme. Admitted students are registered at RBS and UoL and have full access to the UoL Virtual Learning Environment

Course content: https://london.ac.uk/courses/mathematics-and-statistics


Course details:

Next course dates


Course intensity

1x week (Saturdays, 11:00-14:00), plus guided study

Total academic hours per course


Target audience

students of 11th and 12th forms

Min level of English



test in English and Mathematics, an Interview

Application deadline



Fee for the course


550 pounds/~650 EUR:

  • Initial registration fee with UoL
  • Course fee and Access to Virtual Learning Environment
  • One exam attempt 


1050 EUR:

  • Registration with RBS
  • All classes and consultations
  • Programme support

Total for the 


1700 EUR

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