Absolventu auditorija

RBS Absolventu auditorija - interaktīva virtuālo lekciju auditorija

Absolventu auditorija

RBS Absolventu auditorija - interaktīva virtuālo lekciju auditorija

Managing Corporate Lifecycles - By Greg Mathers

Place: RBS, Date: September 14th Time: 9:00 - 12:30,
RegisterAnita [dot] Straujuma [at] rbs [dot] lvParticipation fee: 15 Ls RBS students and AA members, 25 Ls others, RBS AA account


Companies & organizations, like all living organisms, have a natural lifecycle and undergo very predictable and repetitive patterns of behavior as they grow and develop. 

Each lifecycle brings with it a distinctive set of challenges. How well or poorly management addresses these challenges and is able to lead a healthy transition from one stage to the next, has a significant impact on the success or failure of the organization.
In this morning seminar, we will explore the lifecycle and look at the normal and abnormal problems managers face in each of the 10 lifecycle stages. 
As a participant you will see where your company is, where it is going and receive some tools for dealing with current problems and for preparing for the future problems your company will face.


You should attend this seminar if:

  • You are a company founder feeling like a prisoner of your own creation
  • Your growing company needs more systems and processes instilled but without creating a bureaucracy
  • You are a middle manager seeking ways to understand and influence the power structure of your organization
  • You are a senior manager looking to drive accelerated change in your organization
  • You are mired in a bureaucracy that needs more flexibility and innovation
  • and more.

Greg is certified Instructor with the Adizes Institute. He works with senior management teams in European organizations developing participative organizational systems that balance control and flexibility.


Greg Mathers

Riga Business School
Adizes Baltics
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+371 2999 7698