6 Months Ago – High School Seniors, Now - Youth Shaping the Future of Regions


On December 17 RBS StartUp Lab students presented their ideas for the development of Madona region.

To recap - students with their projects during StartUp Lab's 1st semester addressed:

  • developing a sports and leisure complex in Madona
  • assessing readiness for Madona to become a regional IT Centre
  • developing Barkava Vocational School
  • proposing a strategy for the development of industrial park


We are excited to share a few ideas / suggestions that RBS students developed:


Project "Sports and Leisure Complex Smeceres Sils – A Better Tomorrow Starts Today"
Students suggested application of marketing hourglass for improved marketing strategy. In addition, social networks are a resource Smeceres Sils haven’t employed. Also it's suggested to develop a loyalty card.
Students also address the need for boosting the accommodation offer (and outline forgone revenues coming from current excess demand for accommodation) and need for larger diversity in activities offered for visitors.


Project "Madona – Regional IT Centre"
Students outlined the importance of IT in the economy and suggest that Madona can become regional IT centre if they choose to focus on specializing in a specific field of IT; develop marketing strategy and provide education for IT professionals.


Project "Aligning Barkava Vocational Secondary School’s Program with the Needs of the Labour Market"
The vision that students offer to the school is based on four pillars:

  • Offer suits labor market demand up to 100%
  • First choice for potential students
  • Among top vocational schools in quality offered
  • Student develop entrepreneurial mindset

Students proposed future development strategy for the school and believe that their strategy would lead to a 3x increase in revenue for the municipality.


Project "Development of Industrial Parks – Lessons Learned from Abroad"
Students defined what an industrial park is and proposed a concept for developing the industrial park in Madona. The research is based on an assessment of industrial parks abroad, interviews with experts, financial calculations and other factors.

We know that you would like to hear the ideas and outcome of projects as well - don't worry - you'll have the chance. At the beginning of February we are going to organize open event where students will share their ideas with broader audience. Stay tuned for that.

   Team "Voice of Madona" presenting accommodation strategy for Smeceres Sils.