Another CFC Seminar Hosted at RBS

On January 28, Riga Business School and AmCham Latvia hosted the latest seminar in the Competitiveness Dialogue Series. The seminar The Cloud for Managers: Trends and Real-Life Cases gave an overview of Cloud computing from the perspective of managers in well-known companies in Latvia and abroad.


The seminar was a management-focused discussion on trends, business opportunities and risks, as well as implementation issues associated with cloud based computing services in an organization. The seminar presented the long-term perspective of Cloud users from a wide range of local businesses and state authorities. Well-known company managers once again proved why Cloudification is inevitable no matter the size of the company.

Participants heard from:

Sandis Kolomenskis, a Member of the Board for DPA, an IT solution and service company that plans, builds, supports and manages IT infrastructure solutions.
Nils Vold, the Director Business Development of Visma Enterprise Solutions, the leading provider of business software and services for accounting and administration. 
Jānis Rose, a Co-Founder of Mailigen, a new global leader in email and integrated marketing services (SaaS). 
Andris Soroka, the Founder and co-owner of Data Security Solutions, an internationally known IT Security company.

The event started with welcomes from Liga Smildzina-Bertulsone, Board Member and Executive Director of AmCham Latvia and was followed by Jānis Grēviņš, the director of RBS, who also moderated the event.


The first presenter, Sandis Kolomenskis, talked about the ecosystem of the Cloud and began with a quote of Victor Hugo: “Nothing can stop an idea whose time has come.”

Mr. Kolomenskis talked about the question that is on the minds of everyone who is still on the verge of trying: “Can we avoid it?” “Yes. For now. But you will still have to accept it later on. Today Cloud is fashionable, but soon it will become a necessity.”

The 2nd presenter, Nils Vold, who joined the seminar via video call from Norway addressed the implementation of the Cloud that his company went through, reminding everyone that “Today’s generation just wants the technology to work and be more flexible in business hours. Therefore nowadays businesses need to be more agile and creative in their IT services.”

By drawing parallels with Thomas Edison’s invention of the first electric light bulb and Cloud computing, Mr. Vold also reminded the audience that “Cloud is not about technology. Cloud is a new way to create value. Cloud is a new approach to business.”

Jānis Rose, the 3rd presenter, simply showed all the Cloud tools and services that his company uses, and their efficiency. Mr. Rose said:“I don’t know how our business could work without Cloud. Our business is Cloud.”

While the speakers did a great job with showing their positive experiences with Cloud computing, Andris Soroka reminded the audience that while Cloud computing is here to stay, companies should be smart about implementing Cloud services since “Companies now hire hackers to attack their competitors. Therefore at first it’s better to look suspiciously at Cloud and do homework before switching to Cloud computing.”


The presentations were followed by a short Q&A session and informal discussions over coffee.

The next Competitiveness Dialogue Series is on February 19 and will be bringing together experts from multiple areas to shed light on how social identities can help you to stay ahead of the latest recruiting trends. And since social media and digital marketing are becoming the new norm in recruiting, any company of any size can now find high quality talent with the right tools and strategy. That is what the seminar will be all about.


See the presentations from seminar:

Andris Soroka - DSS-Cloud and Risks.pdf

Jānis Rose - Mailigen, Claud services and strategy.pdf

Nils Vold - Cloud computing.pdf

Sandis Kolomenskis - Cloud for CEOs.pdf