In autumn of this year, the MIT education innovation laboratory will begin its work in Latvia

During the international education forum “Steering Education: From Imagination to Impact” that took place on the June 3rd in Riga, a letter of intent was signed between the representatives of Ministry of Education and Science, Riga Technical University (RTU) and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) J-WEL regarding establishing of the education innovation laboratory in Latvia. Riga Business School as the structural unit of RTU will coordinate establishing the laboratory.


The innovation laboratory will focus on introducing specially selected, innovative teaching and learning ideas into the higher education. The lab will be an environment where academic staff, representatives of businesses, and education policy makers will work together to create a higher education environment where the student is the priority. It will provide support and long-term planning in the introduction of innovative study practice. In order to achieve this, small research scholarship grants will be provided to investigate new pedagogical ideas. The main directions of the MIT education innovation laboratory during the next few years are to study, pilot and introduce ideas for ensuring excellence in the study process, driving higher education reform, and introducing innovations in the practice of represented organisations. 


This laboratory will be open to all Latvian educational establishments interested in testing and creating new solutions. It is important that everything will be summarized and provided in simple language so that academic staff; professors busy in their daily life, as well as higher level executives could successfully use the newly created materials.


Additionally, the laboratory will plan and establish pilot and incubation classes, as well as implement international projects with MIT.

MIT J-WEL is an education lab operating under the supervision of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT, one of the most powerful universities of the world. This centre is an initiative of MIT to promote cooperation with other universities of the world to foster innovations in education, as well as work with partners to promote excellence and transformation in education all around the world.

Three partners will cooperate in creating and operating the new laboratory: the Ministry of Education and Science, Riga Business School as a structural unit of Riga Technical University, and, the main strategic partner of the initiative, MIT J-WEL education lab of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Already in the short term we will start to form the core team of the MIT education innovation laboratory, attracting inter-disciplinary experts and researchers.


Materials and videos of the international education forum “Steering Education: From Imagination to Impact” are available here.


Program is implemented as a component of the agreement concluded between Riga Technical University and Central Finance and Contracting Agency on the implementation of the project “Support to the RTU international cooperation projects in research and innovations” (

 More information:

Claudio Rivera, MIT Education Program Director, RBS Deputy Director, claudio [dot] rivera [at] rbs [dot] lv

Agnese Strazda, RBS Communications and Marketing Director, agnese [dot] strazda [at] rbs [dot] lv