CFC Seminar Professional Social Identities


RBS and the American Chamber of Commerce in Latvia welcomed a full auditorium to the latest in the latest Competitiveness Dialogue Series seminar.

Matīss Kukainis, President of AmCham Latvia, welcomed the enthusiastic audience to Alumni Auditorium and MBA professor Greg Mathers moderated the session.

The 1st presenter was Air Baltic Senior VP Daiga Ērgle who spoke about How Virtual Identity Impacts Your Career. She reminded the attendees that “Doing business is like dating.” We want to impress the one we are courting, but if we fool them, we will eventually pay a price.

She reminded all that your entire social media profile and world can be viewed by your employer or potential employer and that we need to be sure that we are creating and maintaining the brand that we want. She ended with an important admonition - “It’s all about branding in today’s world. And the same is true for tomorrow’s workplace.”

The next speaker was Artem Dadoenkov, who is researching Personal Branding as a part of his Master’s thesis. Dadoenokov reminded the audience that personal brand and profile needs to be carefully created and even more carefully maintained. He said that the best of us are conscious of what story we tell and make sure that our social media profiles show an accurate and consistent story. That story needs to be carefully constructed and then tweaked to make sure that it continues to be what we want it to be. As he said - “Most of the recruiters want to hear a story from your. Write your story!” and “Personal branding is an extremely ongoing process.” Stories can be a living part of our social media presences.

Aiga Ārste-Avotiņa, Managing Partner of Amrop, was next and brought an executive recruiter perspective to the questions of social media and personal branding. In addition to practical tips on how to create a clean, clear and useful profile she showed some good examples. From the executive recruiter perspective, she suggested that, “Your LinkedIn profile helps you to get to an interview. It won’t help you in the interview.” She used the examples to highlight important habits and to reiterate points such as the fact social media choices should be conscious and mutually reinforcing.

The 3rd presenter was Gabriella Cseh who is Head of Policy for CEE Facebook. Her challenging question was, “How do you brand yourself? As a business person or just an employee?” The answer to that question informs all of your choices.

She shared statistics that showed that Facebook is an international phenomenon that has reach in both personal and business life. 84.2% of all FB users are outside of North America – which suggests that, the importance of the platform for its international reach. Ms. Cseh challenged the audience to move beyond simply being consistent, but to “create great content,” and to actively engage.

FB and other social media cannot be simply a pamphlet but a hand reaching out to engage all manners of potential partners.

The Q&A session was open and active with Gabriella Cseh suggesting that professionals, “Never do anything you don’t feel comfortable about.” And Ms. Ērgle reminded the thoughtful listeners to “Be aware of your target audience!”

RBS and AmCham thank the speakers, moderator and audience for combining to create a memorable event with lots to talk over face-to-face and on social media. 


See the presentations:

Aiga Ārste-Avotiņa - Social Profiles in a Job Search.pdf

Artem Dadoenkov - Personal Branding.pdf

Daiga Ērgle - Virtual Identity Impacts Career.pdf

Gabriella Cseh - Professionals on Facebook.pdf


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