Companies donate more than EUR 205 100 to Riga Business School academic scholarships

During the last three years, academic scholarships in the amount of EUR 205 100 have been provided to 15 Riga Business School students with the support of eight financial industry and IT companies operating in Latvia. This has allowed these young people to study in the interdisciplinary Bachelor program BITL – Baltic IT Leadership (IT and Business Bachelor program) established three years ago to promote the development of technology-based business in Latvia.

This is the only Bachelor program in the Baltic established with the purpose to develop interdisciplinary expertise during the technology era. It provides the opportunity to solve challenges more efficiently, create innovations and manage projects and to simultaneously develop IT, managerial, and social skills. Thanks to the SEB Bank, Luminor Bank, Swedbank, BlueOr Bank, Bank Citadele, Squalio, Tieto Latvia, WeAreDots, tuition fees in Riga Business School were fully covered for 15 students. In 2019 Riga Business School, Riga Technical University, the University of Latvia, University at Buffalo, and Norwegian Business School jointly developed the Bachelor program Baltic IT Leadership.

Riga Business School Bachelor Program Director Claudio Rivera: “Three years ago in 2019, because of the close cooperation of the leading universities in Latvia – University of Latvia and Riga Technical University – we laid the foundation for this innovative Bachelor Program. The program is developed using the expertise of the best universities of the world – Stanford University and University at Buffalo, combining general education courses relevant to the skills of the 21st century with specific and in-depth IT courses. At the moment 75 students study at the Business and IT Leadership Bachelor program. Next year we will celebrate the graduation of the first group within the program, composed of 16 ambitious and determined students.”

Finance Latvia Association and its members – SEB Bank, Luminor Bank, Swedbank, BlueOr Bank and Bank Citadele, and IT industry companies – TietoEvry, Squalio, WeAreDots offered great contributions to the development and launching of this Bachelor program with scholarships. Currently, SEB Bank is one of the largest providers of scholarships, already offering scholarships to five students, as well as at the end of last year adding EUR 35 000 to the scholarship fund. This year also a new company has joined the enterprises providing Riga Business School scholarships – IT company Uniso, and  IT company SQUALIO (SIA DPA), similarly to SEB Bank, continues to provide scholarships.

“The support of the financial sector and IT industry in providing outstanding education has been and continues to be significant. The support of these companies allows the best students to completely focus on their studies, learning important skills in business and IT leadership. There is not another Bachelor program in the Baltic as interdisciplinary as this one, and it meets an essential need – promoting the combining of IT skills with an understanding of business administration. We will definitely continue active work with the largest companies in the financial industry, IT and other sectors in Latvia to ensure the accessibility of modern and international education here in Latvia,” emphasizes Claudio Rivera.

Riga Business School offers several types of scholarships and tuition fee discounts to its students of Bachelor and Master Programs. They can be used to fully or partially cover the tuition fee. It is possible to apply for the Excellence Scholarship together with the application for the Bachelor studies at Riga Business School (this year until 28 April). From the funds donated by the companies, students can apply for covering the Bachelor study fee for the specific study year for the Baltic IT Leadership Bachelor Program.


More information:

Claudio Rivera, RBS Bachelor Program Director, claudio [dot] rivera [at] rbs [dot] lv

Agnese Strazda, RBS Communications and Marketing Director (interim), agnese [dot] strazda [at] rbs [dot] lv