Company visit to Latvijas Televīzija

After changing the company strategy and deciding to emphasize becoming a strong national public medium, Latvijas Televīzija (LTV) has managed to expand its market share, increase revenue from advertising and regain the trust of it viewers. RBS Alumni Association visited LTV to find out what is behind this success story.


On April 29 RBS alumni met at Zakusalas 3 to refresh their knowledge of operations of television and meet with management of the company.


During 3 exciting hours, graduates learned about changes the company has undergone during the last few years, observed journalist, sound editors, make-up artists and other specialists in action and tried out the everyday work of journalists in the studio where the popular telecast Panorama is filmed.


A Q&A session at the end of the visit gave invaluable insight into the behind the scenes details of TV operations, competitors and politics.


RBS Alumni Association says thank you to  Ivars Belte, Sergejs Ņesterovs, Klāvs Radziņš and Reinis Ošenieks for the very interesting and educational tour through the everyday life of LTV and the thought-stimulating and honest Q&A session.