The Competitive Dialogue Series is Launched

On Tuesday August 19 The RBS Center for Competitiveness hosted a seminar on Strategic Innovation for Management.  Among the attendees were RBS alumni, students and AmCham members. The seminar was made possible because visiting professor Dr.  Alex Kandybin is currently teaching an EMBA course in Innovation.
The seminar covered improving the development and execution of corporate level growth and innovation strategies. Attendees gained an understanding of the economic aspects of innovation and analyzed the role innovation plays in the evolution of industries (with examples from the chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics and consumer industries).   Both sustaining and disrupting innovations were discussed.
As part of the Seminar, some aspects of best practices in ideation, innovation portfolio management, development and commercialization were also discussed. Significant attention was given to the role of new business/operating models in developing and implementing successful innovation strategies.  All innovation concepts were discussed using actual cases of leading western companies. 
Dr. Alex Kandybin is a recognized thought leader in innovation and strategy and is active in both academia and business. He has published articles on innovation in Harvard Business Review, MIT Sloan Management Review and Strategy+Business magazine.  He lives and works in New York City and is a Vice President and Partner for PwC Strategy& (formerly known as Booz & Company) and is an Adjunct Professor at Columbia Business School.
To advance regional, organizational and individual competitiveness RBS has launched the Competitiveness Dialogue Series. The Series  includes lectures, seminars and workshops and provides participants with global insights, ideas and approaches on how to improve the competitiveness of themselves, their organizations and society as a whole.