The Competitiveness Dialogue Series – Leading in the New Economy

On September 16, more than 50 people gathered at RBS at a conference on Leading in the New Economy as Riga Business School and AmCham jointly presented another seminar in the Competitiveness Dialogue Series


Focusing on performance alone is not enough; leaders need to focus on people to achieve and retain competitive advantage in an ever-changing environment.

These speakers addressed the issues:

  • Christo Nel, RBS Instructor of the Leadership Development Practicum and Program Director of International MBA and Executive MBA at Nyenrode Business University in the Netherlands;
  • Guna Saliete, Client Consultant of SIA Eiropersonals;
  • Maksims Jegorovs, Country Lead for Accenture Latvia.


The speakers addressed future trends for leadership in our contemporary economic environment and how companies can prepare to change their traditional ways and models in order to achieve sustainable results.

Christo Nel suggested that celebrating the genius within each individual helps achieve the most and investing in one’s personal development is a key component of this celebration. For continued success, companies should be ready to build-in diversity and be bold enough to welcome disagreement among its stakeholders. They should also build integrated value streams, and drive an ongoing renewal and innovate.

Guna Saliete emphasized the fact that leadership is not the same as management. True leaders can be recognized for their ability to engage people at all levels of the organization. She offered an insight into CheckPoint’s 360 performance assessment tool and how it can help improve staff performance and develop their strengths.

The Country Lead for Accenture, one of the largest IT companies in Latvia, drew upon their recent experience in conducting two different surveys in assessing staff performance. According to Maksims Jegorovs, IT professionals often strive to attain freedom for self-fulfillment, and so special approaches are required to motivate and appraise them.


The Competitiveness Dialogue Series at RBS includes lectures, seminars and workshops providing participants with global insights, ideas and approaches to advance organizational and individual competitiveness.