Developing skills for university

On February 27 and 28 Lynne Roberts, Director of the University of London International Foundation Programme, visited RTU Riga Business School. Two events were organized to showcase global perspective on topics relevant to both teachers and students. While teachers are teaching and students learning mandatory subjects of a school program, development of other skills, which are crucial for personal and professional growth, is often left behind. Those skills were the focus of the events. 
The lecture "Aiming at success: Key skills for University" was organized for RBS Pre-University English students, and other high school students and their parents were invited. During this event Lynne emphasized the skills young people need to develop before they enter university in order to study successfully and be competitive. 
She provided advice on what young people should take into account in their choice of universities. Lynne mentioned that it is important to choose a university and a degree which are the most appropriate for a student. Once students know where they want to study, they can start developing necessary skills such a learning a language, learning more about specific subjects or becoming socially active. At the same time, do not forget about independence, ability to be proactive, taking care of yourself, including budgeting, and of course thinking about the future. For some students these skills are self-evident, but for others these might be a great challenge. Development of life skills helps students to find new ways of thinking and problem solving, adapt to new environment, make new friends and helps them with transition into adulthood.
Mārtiņš Hiršs and Jesse Turner shared their experiences on studies abroad. They also offered practical recommendations concerning the development of necessary skills, studying in universities and living abroad.
On February 28, a workshop “Teaching in a globalised world: critical thinking and the creative classroom” for school directors, their deputies or teachers was held at the RBS. The workshop participants reflected on some of concerns and key challenges teachers are facing today in preparing students for studies at top universities. They also discussed methods and techniques to develop ways of thinking in their students which are vital in higher education.

Whether you are a student or a teacher, learning will always be a vital part of your life. Lifelong learning is the key to success!